Apply to the Schieffer Summer Journalism Camp

Apply to the Schieffer Summer Journalism Camp

Schieffer Summer Journalism Camp
June 19 – July 1, 2022
Tuition and Room & Board: $2,000

Click here to apply for the 2022 camp.

The journalism program at Texas Christian University is looking for high school students interested in an intensive college readiness program.

TCU faculty introduce students to the fundamentals of digital reporting in a two-week residency program.

Media professionals from Fort Worth and Dallas volunteer their time to share their expertise and experiences with students. They talk about changes in media and discuss media careers with students.

Students develop their critical thinking and writing skills while generating story ideas, which they then report and develop into news stories. They will produce content for a newscast and write for a website.

For more information contact, Jean Marie Brown, Director, Schieffer Summer Journalism Camp at [email protected] or 817-257-4241