Author: Alyssa Alanis

Alyssa Alanis, 17, is a senior at St. Lucy’s Priory High School. She became interested in sports journalism after a Fox Sports journalist spoke at a career day session at her school. She wants to work for MLB network and fulfill her passion for covering sports news and entertainment.
Hollywood takes on classics with this year’s remakes

Hollywood takes on classics with this year’s remakes

This year’s crop of summer remakes includes several movies that are getting more than update.

The redux of the 1984 classic, “Ghostbusters” has a gender switch. While Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” has shifted from animation to live action. “Tarzan” is getting a similar treatment as it returns to live action from animation.

TCU Film-Television-Digital Media professor Richard Allen said it’s great when  classic movies are successfully remade for a new generation, but thinks it’s detrimental when the remake isn’t up to par with the original.

Allen said, “I think it’s great if a movie from the past can be remade to be relevant, or bring new insight, or update the original to be appreciated by a new generation.”

He said he’s excited to see “The Jungle Book” remake.

“So the bottom line for me is quality — a good movie is a good movie, whether it’s an original script or a remake,” Allen said.

USC School of Cinematic Arts professor Tom Sito said he’s worried movies are being remade purely for profit.

“The studios feel a remake of a known entity is a safe bet,” he said.

He said he wasn’t impressed with the computer generated animals or their vocals in this year’s “The Jungle Book.”

“I’m not anti-technology,” Sito said. “I just wish they’d leave classics alone and do something original.”

Age isn’t a factor for FOX4 News producer

Age isn’t a factor for FOX4 News producer

Being a 25-year-old news producer in the fifth largest broadcast market can be daunting.

But TCU alumna Lexy Cruz said she doesn’t have time to worry about her age.

“As a producer, it’s on you to make sure everything is in place,” she said adding that her focus is on the newscast. As a producer, there is plenty of room for error, said Cruz. TCU64563

She said her responsibilities include keeping track of the teleprompter speed and deciding whether to cut or delete a story if something unexpected happens. She also has to control the different shots and the commercials during the show.

Cruz made a major career jump when she left a station in Augusta, Georgia for Dallas.

She said the shift from a being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond was an adjustment.

“It takes about three months for you to really understand what’s happening and for you to really grasp your job,” she said.

Cruz said she is younger than most of the other people at FOX4 News which has its pros and cons. She said that she can offer her help with social media and technology, but isn’t knowledgeable of some of the references her coworkers made.

But in the end, she said it doesn’t really matter.

“If you’re a strong individual you’ll stand on your own.”