Author: Michael Matthews Jr.

Michael Matthews, 16, is a junior at the Young Men’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. He participates in football, basketball, soccer, track and field and yearbook committee. Michael enjoys talking about basketball and taking long walks on the beach. He is undecided for a career choice.
College expectations bring excitement and worry

College expectations bring excitement and worry

Some incoming Horned Frogs are are looking forward to fall with a combination of excitement and trepidation.

Although they aren’t sure their expectations will be met, but they’re willing to take on the experience.

“I expect a tight knit of people open to new ideas,” said Laura Fuentes.

Others worry about being accepted and fitting in. Kimberly Sancen, who attended a predominantly Hispanic high school, said campus diversity is a concern.

“Having a lack of minorities is a concern for me,” said Kimberly Sancen. “I need somewhere that is diverse that brings together a collection of people.”

Rising junior Jared Williams said students should be patient and remember it takes some time for students to get adjusted.

“Getting used to college was rough the first week, but eventually you get used to it,” Williams said.