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Samantha Fisher, 16, is a rising junior at Lutheran South Academy in Houston, Texas. Samantha loves to shop and listen to music whenever she is not competing in cheer. Samantha works on her school’s newspaper staff. She said she loves writing and “finding a story to tell.” She plans to attend TCU and major in journalism.
TCU Greek housing makeover nearing completion

TCU Greek housing makeover nearing completion

This fall, the first phase of TCU’s new Greek housing is expected to debut as women move into the new sorority houses in Worth Hills.

TCU Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council Greek organizations will all have new housing when construction is completed in 2018.

Director of Fraternity and Sorority life Brooke Scogin said she “wants the houses to be functional yet beautiful because students want them to be a great space but look good too.”

TCU began Greek construction two years ago as it completed dorm expansions and renovation projects. Student input was sought during the planning stages of the new Greek.  Students were given choices on paint colors, cabinets, wood floors and countertops.

The new Greek will consist of 11 buildings for 25 different sororities and fraternities. The new houses are four stories high with the fourth floor bedrooms nestled right under the roof.

The houses include two kitchens, private bedrooms and bathrooms, study areas, lounges, offices as well as a separate floor for those in leadership positions.

The upper two floors, for those not in leadership positions, include single and double style rooms with shared bathrooms.

All of the houses match TCU’s architectural style with Ludowici clay tile roofs and “TCU brick.” There’s also plenty of green space for outdoor activities. Each fraternity house will have an area in the back for grilling and entertainment.

Scogin said the new housing might not boost Greek recruitment, but it could encourage more people to live in the housing.

Greek life “tends to have large recruitment classes no matter what even if they were in their old facilities [Greek life] would have a high number going through our recruitment,” Scogin said. “But I think people will want to live in our facilities more than years past.”

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TCU fraternities hope to emphasis leadership

TCU fraternities hope to emphasis leadership

Students considering joining a Greek organization is college should expect to learn about leadership, connection and belonging to a group.

Being involved in greek life is a great way to learn a lot about yourself and meet life long friends, said Justine Grace, a TCU alumna, who was Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment her senior year.

“Greeks are connected because you have a lot of people who are involved,” she said.

Grace said greek life is a great way to learn a lot about yourself and meet life long friends.

The Greek Community has 39 fraternities and sororities.

There is a new leadership seminar and it will be mandatory for fraternity rush next year.

The program, which is still being developed and subject to TCU approval, is meant to help first-year students in fraternities develop leadership skills and build character.

“Fraternities should bring out the best in people,” Grace said. “Students are usually more involved and they can speak to a higher standard, and [they] know how to manage time and how to be a respected, compassionate leader.”